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Be Power ChampagneProbably the sharpest criticism that I receive for occasional consumption of energy drinks comes from people who gives hits under the title "chemistry only" and then go quietly consume ethyl alcohol, which they are very supportive. Apparently "Alcohol is for the people" and the energy drinks for suicide... Mainly for this reason I was a bit surprised to see on the shelf of Polish Biedronka supermarket last can of Be Power flavored with champagne. You could be impressed that the producer would like to conquer part of the market full of consumers who prefer alcohol. Not sure, if this is a truth.

Be Power After PartyIf you are a fan of the products of BE Power brand, but don't like to overdo with energy drinks? Maybe you need something comparable to isotonic drinks or being upset cause of tired after a night of partying? BE Power has prepared for you After Party.

Be Power MojitoIf recently reviewed pink Be Power is for women, maybe green Be Power is for Aliens? Not at all! It turns out that inventors of Mojito comes from a little island on the Earth called Cuba. According to neighbouring USA, this island is however inhabited by a... communists. For about only 0,45 euros (1,49 Polish zlotych) in a Polish Biedronka network stores we can find out about taste temperament of this brave people, of course in a nonalcoholic version.

Be Power WomenNot so long time ago we've published at Puszkomania review of most chauvinistic energy drink ever. Following with the theme we would like to present (because of political correctness) most feminist energy drink... ever??

Super Ruchacz logoThis is not a joke! Super Ruchacz (Super F*cker) really exists. This uncommon energy drink appeared on the market just a few months ago and made some kind of noise in Internet. All of this because of very controversial video clip which for sure none of TV station will show. And this is correct.

Monster EnergyAnother can of green monster which jumped to a TESCO cart (for abour 1,5 Euro) is Monster Energy. It's a BASIC version (not confusing with cult programming language). Let's see what we have.

Monster AssaultAmerican bewerage which adds will to fight I've managed to buy at TESCO with reluctant deliberately expressed in Polish Zloty (in the strength of six). However, for fans of the promotion the same market network offers as recently as a month ago, the same "cartridge" in the price of 3,70 zł with a Clubcard of loyalty program.

Monster Energy logoHalf-liter can of Monster has been taken from the shelves in Tesco at a promotional price of 4,99 PLN. RIPPER logo and proudly presented information that the drink contains 30% of juice fruit can cause some mixed feelings, so let's look at the product closely.


Monster Energy logoBecause last time I was drinking this energy drink during the flight to Egypt, I decided to check whether a flight high for 11 km and price high at nearly 10 PLN at the shop at the airport didn't influenced my taste opinion. So I took a drink from the shelf of TESCO during the promotion for "only" 5 PLN.

Tiger Restart Logo

Energy drink embellished with a NEW logo on the neck stands out by a print design and price - 3,99 PLN in TESCO. Content... not necessarily...

How's the Tiger Restart in a 0.5 liter can?

Rockstar Energy Drink logo.

Rockstar in Poland appeared 2,5 years ago. Firstly at our market came “classic” version and Punched Guava, completely unannounced. Slowly but surely this brand from across the ocean not only gained new supporters, but also modify its offer. Finally, we can find now on Polish stores exactly 6 different cans of 250 ml and two 0,5 l ones: "classic" and Xdurace. Today, we will talk about a second mentioned above.

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