Puszkomania a.k.a. Cans-o-Mania was founded at the end of April 2014 by Paul (V-12). The premiere took part on 28th of June 2014.

This page is dedicated to the little forgotten hobby, which is collecting cans of various beverages. In Poland, this type of spending leisure began to popularize in the late 80s. The greatest interest about collecting cans was in the 90s when almost anyone was gathering cans, putting them on the furnitures etc.


Nowadays, you can see a small return of this way of spending free time. The blame for this lies with the expansion of the market of energy drinks and many young people are reaching for these peculiarities, drink and collect
the cans at the same time. In the group of collectors are also those who have a passion continues steadily for many years.

Puszkomania was inspired by a Polish Forum of Cans Collectors. You can find there for example pictures of new cans that appear on the Polish market. Now you will find them also here, mostly in better quality.

The creators of Puszkomania are:

  • V-12: Site creator, administrator, editor, proofreader.
  • nygga147: author of the reviews.
  • Radek: author of the reviews.
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