Oshee Vitamin  Fruit in a flavor of kiwi, orange, passion fruit and lemon

In front of me stands a can, looking down nicely. It's a fruity vitamin drink purchased in Biedronka for 1.99 PLN. What can you write about him?

Being accustomed to good quality overprints on Oshee cans I was not disappointed in this case. It's made in two languages, which is a reliable standard for this kind of Polish products. It also contains the maximum amount of information on the front of the can, which consumer must absorb to decide whether the product will go home with him or not.

Coca Cola - Polish advertisement of "Say It With A Song" campaign.Formerly feelings towards lovely person have been expressed by a work of art: a poem, song, painting or sculpture. Men in love stood under the window of his beloved woman and sang the serenade. Today with the smartphone and QR code scanner you can send to another person part of the song with a hidden message in it. Coca-Cola in Poland released 28 cans as part of the promotional campaign "Say It With A Song".

Oshee logoOSHEE - Polish isotonic drinks manufacturer from Krakow launched two new drinks under the brand OSHEE Vitamin Tea: lemon Earl Grey and jasmine White Tea. Both drinks are canned in aluminum package with a capacity of 330 ml and they are available from a few days in Polish Biedronka stores.

Frugo logoFrugo is one of most famous Polish brand of fruit drinks. Appeared on the market in 1996 and after various adventures, changes of owners, this brand returned to the shops three years ago. Frugo wasn't available in a cans before, untill now.

Pepsi logoFootball World Cup 2014 ended up yesterday. The most happy people are still mainly German football fans. However, the losing team has a man who since some time is advertising popular beverage from PepsiCo company by his face. It's of course Lionel Messi, unexpected winner of the Golden Boot for the best player in the World Cup.

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