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Energy with balls? Meet the Super Ruchacz!

Super Ruchacz logoThis is not a joke! Super Ruchacz (Super F*cker) really exists. This uncommon energy drink appeared on the market just a few months ago and made some kind of noise in Internet. All of this because of very controversial video clip which for sure none of TV station will show. And this is correct.

Super Ruchacz is promoted for example as a "drink created for real males" or "most melange energy drink ever". The face of the drink is a sexy blond girl in a tight clothes. Moreover she looks like a cut from a 8-bit computer game. Actually whole design of this product (also with quite big vertical logo), all details are kept in a retro-pixel style. Additionally on the top of the can you can find a repeated slogan "energy with balls" enriched with a sign of a prominent penis. Whole thing is sompleted by for example a sign with a slogan "Sex bonus +100". Well, we can be wonder why the creators of this product didn't went one step ahead and put on the package naked woman? This commercial campaign of Super Ruchacz for sure we have to treat not seriously even if it's quite sexist, chauvinistic and vulgar.



Super Ruchacz - commercial video at YouTube

Video clip of Super Ruchacz energy drink between 31st of May till October of 2014 collected more than 250 thousands of views and more than 2 thousands of "likes". Comments are varied, mainly extremely positive or negative. You can find in them even statements, that the idea for this advertisement has been copied from the clip which promotes Lithuanian water Vutautas. Believe me - Polish version of this clip is way much better!

Design of Super Ruchacz

Genuine can collector can be disappointed from the fact that the production of this energy drink has been carried with a low expense. Whole overprint has been made on foil which next machine heated on the can. For the first look the can looks quite good. Luckily not so much cans like this one has been released to the market in Poland. "Tasty melange drink" is also not available everywhere, but in selected shops in some corners of the country. Occasionally whole pack of 24 cans with funny description can be found on auction portal. Larger or smallerer amounts of this drink can be ordered directly from the producer.

Super Ruchacz - a can

How does Super Ruchacz taste?

The taste of Super Ruchacz actually is not that much different than standard energy drinks. It doesn't leave strong, chemical flavor in the mouth. Moreover in his ingredients list we will not find nothing revealing. There aren't any of hidden mixture for increasing the efficiency (mainly sexual) beyond apparent effect induced by a placebo effect or high sensitivity on the caffeine. Super Ruchacz also doesn't contain Viagra and similar stuff, so if you are suffering on impotence, better try to find other "cure" to get a real "energy with balls". Eventually you can try to buy a beer with the same name.

Ingredients and nutritional value of Super Ruchacz energy drink

Ingredients: water, sugar, acidity regulators: citric acid and sodium citrate, carbon dioxide, taurine (0.4%), aroma, caffeine (0.03%), inositol (0.02%), dyes: E150d caramel, riboflavin E101.

Nutritional value (100 ml of product): calories: 42.4 kcal (178 kJ), protein, fat and fiber: 0 g, carbohydrates and sugars: 10.4 g, sodium: 0.07 g, Niacin: 7 mg (44 % *), pantothenic acid: 2 mg (33% *), vitamin B6: 1.4 mg (100% *), vitamin B12: 0.5 g (20% *).

* - percentage of recommended daily intake.


Where to buy Super Ruchacz?

Super Ruchacz is available only in Poland in some shops. For a list of the shops, check a Polish version of the article.


Photography: Radosław Staszak. Text by V-12.

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