Monster Ripper - paradox in every way

Monster Energy logoHalf-liter can of Monster has been taken from the shelves in Tesco at a promotional price of 4,99 PLN. RIPPER logo and proudly presented information that the drink contains 30% of juice fruit can cause some mixed feelings, so let's look at the product closely.


Monster Ripper 0,5 l Polish can design

Monster Ripper overprint is in the same quality as the one on the Monster Rehab can but doesn't share his graphic panache. Also it uses to simulate the dispersion of color gradations in the colors but design is kept in the dark, gray style. The background for the yellow and white logo is a steel rivet plate. Whole design including Ripper logo eloquently recalls some LP cover of heavy metal band from the nineties. Actually there is only circular saw missing...



Monster Ripper - Polish 0,5 l can.

Content of Monster Ripper

... but this is America and the contents must taste like ballad of Scorpions. In another case Monster Beverage Company could be faced with lawsuits about depression, suicide, or Satanism, and this cannot be good. As I wrote in the title, the drink is a paradox in every way, so I don't mind the fact that the United States, as one of the few developed countries is defending from the transition to a more meaningful metric system, but the lack of correlation (in my opinion) part of the marketing box with the taste of the beverage itself. Taste strikingly resembles the taste of dissolved hard candy. This synonymous is very noticeable after the first sip, and as befits the exotic Monster, is very sweet. Although I can't deny the taste of its originality but I recommend the consumption of it with ice, which should gently temper the sweetness of Monster from America.


Monster Ripper Ingredients:

These 30% juice drink is somewhat illusory, since these 30% were achieved by diluting the concentrated juices and beverage composition is as follows: water, sugar, fruit juice (apple, passion fruit, pineapple, guava), grape sugar syrup, flavorings, carbon dioxide, citric acid, taurine (0.4%), acidity regulator (sodium citrate and potassium), ginseng root extract (0.08%), tender (potassium sorbate), caffeine (0.032%), vitamins (niacin, B6, B12, riboflavin), colorant (ammonia caramel), L-carnitine l-tartrate (0.004%), sodium chloride, D-glucuronolactone (0.002%), guarana seed extract (0.002%), inositol (0.002%), maltodextrin. 100 ml beverage contains 46 calories.

List of Ripper ingredients sounds like a dictionary of foreign words!


Where you can buy Monster Ripper?

In Poland Monster Ripper is available in more popular big shops just like Tesco, Real.


The author of review and photo: Radosław Staszak.

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