Monster Assault – offensive to your taste buds

Monster AssaultAmerican bewerage which adds will to fight I've managed to buy at TESCO with reluctant deliberately expressed in Polish Zloty (in the strength of six). However, for fans of the promotion the same market network offers as recently as a month ago, the same "cartridge" in the price of 3,70 zł with a Clubcard of loyalty program.

Dark imprints on a cans of monsters from overseas are rather standard and in this case there was no different. Background for the blood-red logo (like the campaign in Iraq) is moro-mosaic, it looks like a gothic world of Minecraft in 2D - game attached last time with the company Mojang AB and embodied in the ranks of the gallant Microsoft... Many of these M letters. Although it also calls to level of Darkfate indie game that maybe few of the people are interested in, because it has low requirements for screen resolution, but high on the resolution of the imagination.



The code name of the operation Assault was expressed in the form of a stamp resembling those fading documents or old but still good Medal of Honor or Call of Duty. Good idea, pretty binding but taste rather can be desctribed as a pacifist, like the description on the back of the can...

Monster Assault


How taste Monster Assault?

Declare the war to mediocrity! - says the commander. Series of flavor Monster seems to actually carry it on many fronts for a long time. Drink as opposed to being reviewed by us earlier Monster Rehab is carbonated and his sweetness level equals to Ripper. Are you surprised? Probably not. As the soldier must be able to drink, I recommend to serve it with ice. Of course as in the case of Ripper, sweets lovers will be delighted. War colors are expanded by ginseng, l-carnitine, taurine and vitamins.


Ingredients of Monster Assault:

Water, sugar, syrup of grape sugar, acids (citric, phosphoric acid), taurine (0.4%), acidity regulator (sodium citrate), color (caramel E150d), spices, ginseng root extract (0.08%), preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), L-tartrate, L-carnitine (0.04), caffeine (0.03%), stabilizer (gum arabic), flavors, vitamins (niacin, B6, B12, riboflavin), sodium chloride, D-glukulonorakton (0.002%), guarana seeds extract (0.002%), inositol (0.002%).

100 ml of the drink adds 47 kcal forces in the attack on the enemy.

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