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Monster Rehab - American kick

Monster Energy logoBecause last time I was drinking this energy drink during the flight to Egypt, I decided to check whether a flight high for 11 km and price high at nearly 10 PLN at the shop at the airport didn't influenced my taste opinion. So I took a drink from the shelf of TESCO during the promotion for "only" 5 PLN.

Monster Rehab 0,5 l Polish can design

Actually there is nothing in the can which wouldn't be enjoyed by such a maniac demoscene and old computers, like me. All except the bottom of the can is black. Overprint is made in four colors, but this palette has been extended through scattering - well known trick for designers who are pixelling for the eight-bit computers. At first plan throws a distinctive logo "m" that one associates with a Hollywood cliche material ripped by a claws, others perhaps with the dark side of the hegemony of McDonald's restaurants, but more on that later.



All signatures (in addition to the information) are made of a special artistic font that definitely stands out this can from dozens of other cans described by a fonts smelling of MS Word. It's just a good design at a high level, kept in the dark style. It will make an interests on many cinema, computer games, fantasy literature, and a little artistic "something more" lovers.

Monster Rehab - Polish 0,5 l can

How is the taste of Monster Rehab?

If you while looking for a can project came out from the assumption that the target consumers rather will be not athletes, probably you're right. The description on the can (the contents of which I will leave in secret, so as not to detract from the consumption of your emotions) almost did't say anything about the sport. Similarly with taste. The beverage is non-carbonated, and the cooling in my personal opinion is not required. However, by far the predominant flavor is black iced tea and lemonade. NOTE! The drink is sweetened in the American way, which is very abundant. Hence my earlier association with Mc Donald's. It's not an unknown treatment to consumers across the ocean, but the Pole not raised on Coca-Cola and sweetened buns can treat Monster as a rape on the health. Therefore this energy drink is strongly dedicated to the people who aren't avoid sweets, or those who just felt bitter taste of life. In addition, the taste is definitely sophisticated and in my opinion it shines against the background of market rivals. The drink contains also a ginseng.


Monster Rehab ingredients:

Monster Rehab is made of water, lemon juice, glucose syrup, taurine (0.4%), citric acid, acidity regulator, sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, calcium lactate, black tea extract, natural flavor, magnesium, extract of ginseng root (0.08%), conservator - sorbic acid, caffeine (0.03%), sucralose and acesulfame-K, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, coconut water thickened, ODU chloride, L-tartrate, l-carnitine (0.002%), d-glucuronolactone (0.002%), guarana seed extract (0.002%), inositol (0.002%), extract of fruits (acai, goji, mangosteen). Drink as per his taste ihas quite low calorific value of 10 kcal per 100 ml. On the can of course you can find also standard warnings about comsuming.


Where you can buy Monster Rehab?

Monster Rehab in Poland is available in many popular big shops such as Tesco and Real.


The author of review and photo: Radosław Staszak.

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