Tyskie beer brewed for over four hundred years

Tyskie logoLast year Polish Tyskie Browary Książęce celebrated 400 years of its existence. Although the official year of establishment of the brewery is deemed to year 1629, the existing documents attest that the tradition of brewing beer in Tychy was started at least in 1613. Round jubilee was connected with loud celebrations and promotional campaign with free lanyards and T-shirts.

We have 2014 and Tyskie released Gronie and Classic beer in cans of a slightly revised graphic design. Instead "400 years of brewing passion" sentence there is an inscription "Four centuries of brewing tradition". There is no passion anymore, there is a tradition, for about 401 years.


In addition to the standard 500 ml in a Polish discount named Biedronka (Ladybug) you can purchase a larger version of Tyskie Gronie expanded with 50 ml. The one and only thing which we are missing since many of years is a 330 ml version of Tyskie can.

Polish beer Tyskie 2014 - new cans design


What is the difference between Tyskie Gronie and Classic Tyskie?

Tyskie Classic contains 5% alcohol (by 0.5% less than Tyskie Gronie). This beer appeared on the market two years ago. Brewing of Classic Tyskie is based on the principle of sixteenth-century beer purity, which were used only three ingredients: malted barley, hops and water. From variant named Gronie distinguishes them taste (the more malt and has a milder bitterness), darker color, sweeter flavor and a slightly weaker level of carbonation.

Tyskie Gronie has light golden color and has a 5.5% alcohol. The taste is characterized by hop bitterness.


Where you can buy Tyskie Gronie and Tyskie Klasyczne in a can?

Actually you can buy this beer in most of popular Polish shops, hypermarkets (like Carrefour) and also expanded version is available in Biedronka discount.

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